A Dream Team is for you if…

  • You thrive in a Sacred Circle of feminine support, trust and energy.
  • Increased accountability brings out the best you.
  • You are a relatively new female business owner or an existing owner struggling with goal accomplishment, focus and/or follow through.
  • You find value in the experience of other business owners, and want to leveraging their knowledge to supercharge your business goals.
  • You are ready to take your business to the next level and know that being a part of a team will help you get there.

What is a Dream Team Mastermind™Group?

A mastermind group of four to six highly motivated women, selected for their commonality, brought together to encourage and inspire each other to be extraordinary.  First and foremost, Dream Teams foster the power of accountability that only teamwork can provide. In addition, members brainstorm new ideas, provide insightful feedback, and support each other with honesty, care and respect.

How Does a Dream Team™ Work?

Groups meet twice a month for two hour sessions.  Each group is facilitated by Lisa, offering professional development tools, insight and information to take your business, focus, goal setting, and calendar management to the next level.
Each session members are given time “in the spotlight” to share their goals, accomplishments, ask for feedback and receive guidance.

What Current Team Members are Saying

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Dream Team

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What benefit have you gotten from being a part of a Dream Team Mastermind™ that you would not have achieved on your own?

A: The accountability.  Stating goals in the group and declaring if they were obtained or not has lots of built in accountability, something I could not do on my own.  D.R.

 A: Before the DT I was more scattered in my work.  Now I have a very clear idea of what to focus on and the steps to getting things done.  A.L

A: It really goes back to the accountability. Knowing that I have the group reminds me to stay focused on achieving goals. It was also great, most recently to get really valuable, supportive feedback around business ideas that I had been holding close to the vest. Because I'm working alone much of the week, having the DT to look forward to, as an opportunity to connect with other women who "get it", is such a blessing both professionally and personally. I love that DT is a place where our concerns can be carefully unpacked and responded to with care/love both from Lisa and our entrepreneurial peers.  D.B.

What problems would you solved by being a part of a Team vs. “going it alone”?


What do you perceive as Lisa’s greatest contribution to the group?

A: Lisa brings an affirming energy to the room that is invaluable. Her candor is matchless, helping each of us really see the potential we have in a way that allows us to set achievable goals...and meet them. She clearly cares about our success as individuals and as individual business owners. Lisa is a total rockstar!  Sherry S.

A: Lisa’s brilliance is obvious!  The many bits of insight she gives are great for all of us, even if not directed toward us at the time.  Lisa’s ability to keep the group focused makes the time very well spent and valuable. Karen I.

A: Lisa’s greatest contribution is probably all of the knowledge she brings to the group.  She has so many techniques and exercises to help you work through any issue.  She is also a wonderful cheerleader for you and your business.  Debby B

How would your business benefit from having a knowledgeable business coach in your corner?


How has your business benefitted from being a part of a Dream Team?

A: The Dream Team has supported my business in so many ways.  First, I would say by focusing in on what I need to do next. Then, there is the accountability piece of it.  Just by having these two things in place, I have been able to …actually get the important stuff done.  Also, DT (members) thinks outside the box - so they offer ideas that I would not necessarily come up with. The information sharing… has been very useful and I have implemented many of the ideas that have been discussed.  D.B.

A: I feel like Dream Team has helped me stay focused on the growth of my business. The group of women Lisa has organized in the name of growth is priceless. And, what's really amazing is that even where there is overlap in the business model/focus, there is no competition. We can support each other from a place of love and care.  S.S.

How would being a part of a Dream Team benefit your business?