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Stress Reduction Classes

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is taught in over 250 hospitals around the country and many more around the world.  MBSR is known to help people manage stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, alleviate stress related to medical conditions and much more.

​Lisa is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction trained workshop instructor. 

​$20/ class

What people are saying:

"Thanks for your mindfulness class last Thursday. It was great. And yes, it did change my life. It has given me a moment to reset many places of my life. I had been trying to get to some particular breakthroughs for quite a few years without the success I was hoping for. But, the practice was so calming something finally clicked. And, (the breakthroughs I experienced at class) have remained through today with no further effort and thought on my part. The dividends have been more than I could have imagined." Peter 

"When I arrived to class I was stressed and anxious.  Upon completing the class I felt relaxed, and aware of my body in a very positive way." Jenn.

"I showed up to class feeling very frazzled, and a little dark.  My mood was improved and I felt better by the end of class."  Vijiya

"I'd had such a strange day, I came into class feeling tired, and somewhat discombobulated.  After 90 min. with Lisa I felt hopeful, and relaxed."  Anne​​

Choose one, or more that fit your needs:

November 7
Create that easy breezy turkey day with some mindfulness tools.

November 17

​Stress less in the Gallery... ahhh!

November 21
You can be calm this year!

December 5
Tired of the holiday crazies?  These tools have been proven to reduce stress.

December 19
Breathe, you've got this, by incorporating these great mindfulness tools.

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​​Stress Less Holidays at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery   

November 17,  $20

6:30-8pm, Historic Savage Mill, Savage 8600 Foundry St. #2063 Savage

*park in the small lot in the front of the mill.

What better way to get your calm on than in the peaceful setting of a gallery.  Beauty abounds, and quiet is in abundance.  In this unique 90 minutes class, co-hosted by Horse Spirit Arts Gallery, you will explore a variety of tools, including practices using works of art, to reduce stress during this hectic time of year.
This peaceful setting will definitely put some "ahhh" in your holidays.

REGISTER HERE for this class, or others being offered in this pre-holiday season.​​

Stress-Less Holidays:

Make your holidays feel like a day at the beach!
7 - 8:30pm  Nourishing Journey, Columbia

8975 Guilford Rd. #170 Columbia
7:00-8:30PM, $20

Practices that  will help you create the holiday season of your dreams.  Participants will experience an introduction to a variety of stress reduction practices that can offer a new way to deal with stress, and process life in a more positive way.
Nov 21 : We'll be calling on our sense of smell, touch, sound and sight as tools to engage when stress presents itself.  This unique class is guaranteed to help you create the stress less life you desire.
Dec. 5, 
Dec. 19

REGISTER HERE​​  for the class, or classes, that best fit your schedule.