I love seeing women succeed

Lisa is one of the most caring, kind, wise and balanced leaders I've met and had the privilege of working with. I met Lisa through her empowering and successful networking group, Ms Biz and soon after hired Lisa to coach me in a talk I was giving. She was incredibly patient, knowledgable and helped me to connect on a deeper level with my audience. I highly recommend Lisa as she is a phenomenal business and speaking coach, leader and person. Julie R

​​​Lisa is an intuitive and masterful coach. Before I met Lisa I was running circles in my mind and in my schedule.  I couldn’t seem to get my mind “grounded” enough to do the tasks needed to get me ahead in my own business.  Lisa helped me with both the intangible and the concrete aspects of running a business, and improved my mindfulness, which paved the way for me to be more consistently grounded and effective in achieving my goals.  Lisa is a superb listener and is able to walk the difficult line between gently listening, giving feedback and making me see clearly the direction I am striving for, and how to realistically achieve that goal.  She’s helped me master the balance between finagling my reality to match my professional dream.  Trish M ​​

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I highly recommend Lisa Stearns. Before Lisa's 1-1 business coaching, my business and my personal life drove me, and I felt like a bystander. The situation was desperately frustrating. Lisa walked me through perspective and practical changes to my personal life and business, which has allowed me to be in the driver seat. I feel unburdened and can do more business as a result! Reach out to her if you are curious about how you could benefit from her wisdom, passion and practical tools.  Peter C.

I was struggling with my lack of business card organization until Imet with Lisa. Over the years, I've collected hundreds of them.Lisa came to my rescue. She sat down with me and together wedeveloped a functional system to get me the results I have beenlooking for for years. Job Well Done Lisa!

What my clients say:

My schedule was crazy!  Lisa is such an exceptional person and coach... If you're looking for someone to help uncluttered the crap in your mind, she's the person for you. She's a coach who helps you reach your finish line, no matter what or where the finish line is!  As a result of being a part of Lisa's Dream Team I made top sales of the month and completed my book.  And, Hey Lisa, that time blocking is truly helping me.  I edited my new book and almost finished creating my course.  Te'erra D.

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Business Coaching

I love seeing women succeed and sharing in their journey! My customized signature business coaching program promises a tailored approach, guaranteed to take your business goals to the next level, without stressing you out.​​

​Any journey worth taking begins with a deep dive into where you are now, what's working and what's not, your strengths and struggles.  From there, a strong plan is crafted specifically designed to build on your gifts, to empower you to reframe your struggles and take back your schedule.  Our goal is to create a life where you are running your business, not your business running you. 

Utilizing the tools I've acquired and developed through a wide variety of business coaching programs, mindfulness training, and the ACE personal training certification program, my personal methodology has been proven to work over and over again for women just like you.

You deserve a healthy, calm life where your schedule, client demands and personal life all make sense; where they work in harmony with each other.

It's time for you to take care of you.

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