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Breathe Write Craft


The Breathe Write Craft community is a all about creating and sharing.  Post your projects.  Share your journey! Check out our FB Group BWCMagazine​ and, join us on Pinterest @BreatheWriteCraft

Breathe Write Craft magazine is chock full of insightful articles to help you develop and enhance mindful living, simple, enjoyable crafts that encourage you to unplug, and tap into your creative nature, and affirmations galore.

And, as if that isn’t enough, each issue comes with a companion, self reflection journal filled with prompts, thought provoking exercises, creative outlets and more affirmations!

Welcome to  a unique experience of creativity, mindfulness, self reflection and crafting that will set the stage for new and lasting change.

Lisa Stearns:  Co-Publisher/Editor in Chief  

Martiel Beatty:  Co-Publisher, Lead Technologist,              Marketing Director,