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Creating programs to help women achieve their highest potential is one of the best ways to see a positive change in the world.  Lisa Stearns is a master educator and connector when it comes to empowering women of all ages.  Whether through her Dream Team Mastermind™ Groups, educational and motivational presentations, or her highly successful networking organization, Lisa’s passion is in seeing women succeed.  

With a long history in designing educational programs, her work as a sports trainer, author, as well as her certifications in the art of communication and yoga, Lisa is known as a go-to resource in the areas of small business success, communication, networking and work-life integration.

Entertaining and energetic, Lisa delights audiences and clients with her unique blend of wisdom, honesty, quick wit and her complete open generosity of heart.

My life was all over the place and unorganized.  I felt like nothing was getting done even though I was always very busy.  With Lisa’s coaching  I learned how to put my tasks in perspective and time block my schedule to get important things completed. Now, I have more hours for myself and family.  I have a clearer vision, and am laser focused. I increased my client list, and sales increased in the range of $7000.  I feel great!  Denise M.  

My schedule was crazy!  As a result of being a part of Lisa's Dream Team I made top sales of the month and completed my book.  And, Hey Lisa, that time blocking is truly helping me.  I edited my new book and almost finished creating my course. Te'erra D.

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What Lisa's Clients Are Saying...

When I started the Dream Team, I had to come up with a S.M.A.R.T goal.  As a new business owner I dreamed up with a weekly income goal, which I was nowhere near at that time.  While in Dream Team, and making short term goals to achieve my weekly income goal,  I am now surpassing my goal!  Dream Team with Lisa Stearns  provides a safe, nonjudgmental arena where there is loving support and accountability; making attaining goals easier.  Kerrie H

I just had an amazing business coaching session with Lisa Stearns. If you are looking to increase your productivity and boost your business, Lisa Stearns is the person you should contact.  Thanks again for your time today.  Crystal A.

I have loved getting to know Lisa Stearns on a personal level and professionally. Not only is she warm, genuine, brilliant and wise, but she is also an excellent coach and teacher. I met with Lisa to review an upcoming talk I was giving and was blown away with her ability to hear what was missing, inquire into what I was really meaning to say and find talking points I hadn’t figured out yet. Lisa also did a phenomenal job editing my book in that she not only found grammatical issues but also made suggestions that had deep and impactful meaning to the way I was communicating. Lisa is an extraordinary communicator, teacher, cheer leader, support and person you want on your team if you are looking to be a more powerful speaker, leader or person.  Julie R. 

I took a mindfulness class with Lisa.  After the class I felt calmer and my state of mind was much improved.  I would recommend working with Lisa.  Tara H.

After Lisa's mindfulness class I felt much less stressed.  I can definitely see how working with Lisa and her program will reduce my overall life stress.

Blair M.

 ​Lisa Stearns  

I just want to recommend to others the Blissful Pen experience. If you're considering it, but aren't quite sure what to expect: DO IT. Lisa creates a warm, welcoming environment that is non-judgemental and fun. Get away from all your daily stress for an hour to reconnect with the joy of art and find how meditation can fit into your life.  Deborah K. Your Book to Fully Booked

Lisa’s brilliance is obvious!  The many bits of insight she gives are great for all of us, even if not directed toward us at the time.  Lisa’s ability to keep the group focused makes the time very well spent and valuable.   Karen I. 

 Lisa brings an affirming energy to the room that is invaluable. Her candor is matchless, helping each of us really see the potential we have in a way that allows us to set achievable goals...and meet them. She clearly cares about our success as individuals and as individual business owners. Lisa is a total rockstar!  Sherry S 

About Lisa's Dream Team Mastermind™ Groups 

Lisa is an intuitive and masterful coach. Before I met Lisa I was running circles in my own mind and in my schedule.  I couldn’t seem to get my mind “grounded” to do the tasks needed to get me ahead in my own business.  Lisa helped me with both the intangible and the concrete aspects of running a business, and improve my mindfulness, which paved the way for me to be consistently more grounded and effective achieving my goals.  Lisa is a superb listener and is able to walk the difficult line between gently listening and giving feedback and making me see clearly the direction I am striving for and realistically how to achieve it.  She’s helped me master the balance between finagling my reality to match my professional dream.  Trish M 

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